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About the Project

Backgrounds Online provides employment background checks to employers and organizations. They pride themselves as a service-first company, the benefit for using a smaller company is personalized customer service.

The previous site was outdated and did not have dropdown menus or a contact us link at the top. The goal was to redesign the site to look modern and keep up with competitors. Another goal was to make the site easier to navigate through.


UX Challenges

The owner of the company was looking to update the brand colors, icons, and messaging since I just stared as their new designer. It was a challenge to design a site while also creating an entire new band for the company.

UX Solutions

After many meetings and planning I worked with the owner to create a new brand and also a fresh new website for the company. We decided to switch from a black and light blue theme to dark blue and purple. The dark blue is easier on the eyes blended well into a gradient with the original company color, purple.


I started the project by creating an inventory of all the pages. I then sorted them into categories with post-it notes to use as the navigation. Since Backgrounds Online is a service-first company I made sure to add a ‘Contact Us’ at the top menu, this will also be helpful for sales leads to obtain more information before deciding to create an account. Adding a dropdown menus was important for users to quickly scan the contents of the site.

Another UX strategy I used was to add ‘Call-to-Actions’ at the bottom of each page. These guide users to either contact us, create an account, or request a demo depending on the page contents.

A clean site created specifically for the goals of Backgrounds Online now helps the company deliver on their service-first promise to customers.