Backgrounds Online – Web Application

Backgrounds Online

Web Application

About the Project

Backgrounds Online provides employment background checks. Customers order background checks, review invoices, and download required documents through a web applicaton.

The previous site was very confusing to use and did not clearly guide users to purchase background checks. The dasboard was mostly links that were already available in the navigation menu.

UX Challenges

When a background check is ordered, the user has the option to order a pre-set package or create their own. It was a challenge to show and encourage users to create their own while also giving them the ability to ordere a pre-determined one.

UX Solutions

I solved the challenge by creating a tile that looks different catches your eye but doesn’t overpower the page.


The personalized dashboard shows users a breif overview of the important features of the application.

A 2 page checkout clearly guides users to select a package then enter the required information about the applicant.

The Report Manager gives a quick overview on the status of the company’s background checks.